Talking to management

  1. Encourage interruptions (tell me what you already know, what you don’t understand) — goal is understanding.
  • Go in grouned and confident to set the stage for the conversation.

Managing up

  • Address the question behind the question (QBQ) – what is their true concern?

    • Signs for a QBQ: I feel like I have addressed the question, but other person doesn’t seem satisfied.

    • Example: How is the project going?'' is Is the project being handled?’’. So, be specific about that I’m doing and where things stand.

  • Communication: main point first, then context.

    • Example:

    ``Can we do X?

    Context: …''

  • Share your point of view

    • Don’t just ask questions, share your perspective (one of the most valuable things I bring to the table).

    ``Given X and Y, I believe Z is happening. My hypothesis is that we should do A, and here is how we could do it: …''

  • Explain your logic – see above example

Framing your ideas